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Nowina Organic Farmstay and Horseriding Centre

Address: Nowina
Katarzyna Trawinska
Nowina 6
57-210 Henrykow
tel. +48 74 81 02 687

This farm is a haven for lovers of all things equestrian. Your host Katarzyna, an very experienced rider can arrange for long treks into the surrounding countryside. This amazing old farm and old stables with its traditional roof is surrounded by a lovely flower garden and there is even an area for children to play. The farm is located close enough to the beautiful and historic f city of Wroclaw to warrant a visit.

Accommodation: 3 rooms (2x2) and (1x4) with separate bathroom and a campsite.

Region: Located close to the village of Henrykow south of Wroclaw, the farm and stables are surrounded by forest and hills of the Sudety countryside.

Prices: From 3 per night  per person.

Riding in the woodsAn unexpected guest!
Riding through the hayRiding through a rapeseed field












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